Prevent Expensive Food Spoilage With Local Refrigerator Repair

Double H Heating and Cooling offers freezer repair services in Tuscaloosa, AL

Keep your food fresh and reduce energy costs with an efficient refrigeration system. Double H Heating and Cooling provides professional refrigerator repair for the Tuscaloosa, AL area.

Notice these signs of a refrigerator or freezer than might require repairs:

  • Ice on the coils
  • Ice on fan blade
  • Excessive condensation
  • Rapidly spoiling food
Most refrigerators and freezers need replacement or major repairs after about 10 years. Maintain proper temperatures and save yourself money on energy and repairs in the future.

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Our freezer and refrigerator repair are comprehensive and include checking every aspect of your unit. Our technicians will:

  • Clean coils
  • Change filters
  • Check amp draws
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Make sure the timer is working

Double H Heating and Cooling performs repairs, installations and upgrades for refrigerators, freezers and full walk-in freezers. Choose a certified and licensed contractor with best-in-class warranties.

Contact us today for freezer repair services in your area.